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How well are you and your family protected?

This questionnaire is meant to give you an idea of how well you and your family are protected. After completion, a representative will contact you by telephone or e-mail letting you know how we can help you.

   Yes  No  Unsure
         In the event of a death, is our life insurance adequate? Will my family be financiall stable?
         In the event of a critical illness do I have 6 months of income saved?
         Am I saving at least 10% of my income on a monthly basis?
         Do I have travel insurance coverage, when travelling outside of Canada?
         Can I use the equity in my home in the event of a financial emergency, and access this equity hassle free?
         Is my driving record protected if I have an at fault accident?
         My home insurance policy provides guaranteed replacement cost coverage.
         I review my insurance and financial needs annually.
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